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Dear Future Driver,

Regal Driving Academy is thrilled to offer you training in the world of the trucking industry. After being in trucking for over 33 years as a driver and owner, I have a simple thought on training and that is “Work hard for 16 days to change the rest of your life”. Trucking has been good to me and my family and I would like to help each of you reach your goal of becoming a truck driver. Regal Driving Academy is different from any other driving school.  We train ELD’s, real-world applications and problem-solving.  If you are interested in getting started in the trucking world, Regal Driving Academy is the place to make it happen. Give us a call at 919-437-7530, ask for Eric and let’s get started.

Eric Christiansen

Owner and Director of Training

Our Training Program

Class A CDL Training

This training program is designed for those who have no prior experience or training as a truck driver or those who have been out of the trucking industry for several years. The Class A CDL training program prepares students for truck driving careers in both over-the-road (OTR) and local driving jobs. The certificate of completion from our CDL program qualifies a graduate as an entry-level CDL driver. During truck driver training, students learn & develop the skills required to pass the state CDL skills test for a Class A commercial vehicle.

We are APPROVED by NCWorks.

We are APPROVED by the Virginia Workforce Connection as well.

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What our Students are saying

Everything they did was amazing, I could’nt have asked for anything better, best instructors and gave great advise for when you are wrong.

Noah Pendergrass


I retired in early October after 25 years in an unrelated field. I had always wanted to be a truck driver. It’s the ultimate in serving your nation and making sure things stay running, and people have food on their table, and shoes on their feet.  I hadn’t driven a stick shift anything in over 30 years. I spoke with Eric, he has 34 years of driving and teaching experience, he assured me that if I showed up everyday and applied what they would teach me I would have no trouble passing my CDL exam. So I dedicated myself to do just that, at the end of the 4 week period I was driving, backing that truck up like nobodies business. The instructors here are friendly, but dedicated to make sure your successful, they gave me everything I needed to .pass the CDL Skills exam and drive safely on the roads with my Class A CDL.. I can not be more proud, or happy with my results.

Ken K.

Oxford, NC

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