Trucking Future Bright In E-Commerce Era

Jan 25, 2022 | News

One of the aspects of the digital and retail revolution is that it is taken for granted as to how exactly customers and businesses will receive products.

Amazon has set the new standard and many consumers expect to receive products ordered online within 48 hours. Other big players such as Target and Walmart are now trying to compete with Amazon by integrating a two day shipping model as a standard part of their platform.

To keep up with increasing demand from e-commerce channels and meet the expectations of consumers, organizations will need to invest in their warehouses and distribution centers and increase the development and implementation of advanced supply chain and logistics processes.

Trucking is an Integral part of this eco-system. The demand for truckers far exceeds the current availability. We now have a situation of trucking companies queuing up at CDL schools to hire the new crop of drivers. This shortage is driving up trucking salaries and will persist for times to come.  Trucking is definitely a no-brainer career choice.